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On Becoming a Leading Edge Expert On Soft Tissue Therapy — A 12-week, Basic Education & Mentoring Program

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HOW Do YOU Become a Leading Edge Expert & Trusted Authority in Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint Therapy in Your Community ...

... Utilizing Mindful Medical Massage, Myo-Structural Balancing & Yoga Therapy?

THAT is MY MISSION in Life, to Assist & Support YOU in Achieving that Status, that Level of Knowledge, Skill & Insight, for Yourself and Your Clients. ... And your prospects, too.

DSL Edgework has a Reputation for getting People OUT Of Pain & Dysfunction who’ve had such Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint troubles for Years or DECADES. And they had tried MANY if not MOST of the many & various healing modalities available.

This 12-week PILOT Education & Mentoring Program is YOUR Opportunity — at a significantly reduced price — to help design the FIRST, Online "DSL 3.0” BASIC Education & Mentoring Program developed around YOUR Individual Needs & Interests.

"You did for me in 4 hours what physiotherapy couldn’t do in 4 years.
And, you gave me the tools to continue working on my own."
~ Michelle Sands
Yoga Teacher
Montreal, Quebec

"Having had experience with many different bodyworkers, David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience."
~ Dr. John Bordiuk
Nutritionally Oriented M.D. & Yoga Teacher
Inner Balance Med
Wellesley, MA (Near Boston Area)

"I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David Scott Lynn is the only one educated and skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence that the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference."
~ Gary Fujinami
Doctor of Chiropractic
East-West Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center
Prescott, Arizona

And WHY the Yoga? ... Because Yoga & Bodywork go together like hand in glove. AND, it just so happens, DSL Edgework was originally designed & developed based on many Principles & Sciences of Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga.

In fact, DSL Edgework was originally practiced with Clients as an Externally Applied form of Physical & Mental Yoga.

Properly developed Yoga Strategies are good for Client Support in between therapy sessions and Client Maintenance when their course of therapy has achieved their goals.

Mindful Physical Yoga is also very good for a Therapist's Self-Maintenance.

FINALLY, a Therapist who knows the musculo-fascial system and how to heal it very well, combined with yoga therapy, has a level of insulation just in case we have another Pandemic and/or stay-at-home Lockdowns. ... And combined with Health Coaching, you will be FAR more valuable than someone who only knows the more usual methods of health coaching.

We will go into HOW to DO all of that in this Basic Training.

"Application of these Teachings will take Yoga to new heights in the Western World. The DSL Method is profoundly sensical."
~ Lesli Hunter
Yoga Teacher & Student
Sedona, Arizona

"While DSL’s concept and execution of body work is nothing short of amazing, it is his approach to yoga that has been life altering for me. The profound yet subtle changes have reinvented not only my own practice, but the way I teach yoga as well. Of all the yoga techniques I’ve studied in the past 30 years, not only are David’s methods what I’ve been searching for, but the feedback from my students is equally as positive. I’m excited about teaching yoga again."
~ Nan Araneo • Yoga Teacher
Rockport, Massachusetts
Former Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

TO BE CLEAR: There are many excellent methods of therapy out there. Most or all of them are Very Effective at treating many of the problems of many people. There is, however, a small percentage of people who do NOT respond well to those modalities.

DSL Edgework is designed primarily for those Clients. But rest assured, there are a LOT of them! And the Method works very well for people with less severe issues as well.

I, DSL, have used this technique, at least 90% of the time, for 40+ years. I have three other modalities I use in certain circumstances. And you will learn those too.

BTW, I am NOT searching for a bunch of DSL clones. You do not have to practice the way I do. Yet because the method is based precisely on the sciences of physiology & neurology of the human body, the principles can be applied to any and all modalities.

That said, if someone DOES want to practice the way I do, that can, of course, be arranged.

YOU TOO Can Learn the Knowledge, Skills & Insights YOU Need to Produce Those Results in Your Own Practice!

I've worked with Clients from all over the Country, and from several other parts of the World. Most Clients say NO ONE does what DSL (that's me) does. And it very often works when nothing else has, even after YEARS of trying to get Relief. …

There might be a few therapists who CAN produce such results. But they are Far Too Few, and Too Far Between. So there is a BIG NEED for more Therapists like YOU who can produce those highly specialized results.

"David is doing cutting edge work in the field of bodywork, and it would take 3 or 4 teachers to replace what he knows."
~ Tracy HallPhysical Therapist
Chico, California

"The DSL Method has been an eye opening experience and has changed the direction of my work. David’s work is challenging because it is precise and logical, yet its openness inspires my own creativity. I have been motivated to study the physiological principles behind good bodywork in a new, more effective light."
~ Lynn Barry • P.T.A., A.T.C., N.M.T.
Beverly Sports Medicine
Beverly, Massachusetts

"Through my years of experience in clinical practice and taking over 100 seminars in bodywork, I have found The DSL Method to be the missing link toward a greater understanding of human physiology and chronic reflex pain patterns. I endorse and highly recommend taking a course in The DSL Method."
~ Kyle Wright, L.M.T.
Wright Center of Advanced Bodywork
Advanced Schools of Bodywork
Asheville, North Carolina

Please See my Testimonial Page:

MY OBJECTIVE for this PILOT Program: To See if I can, in 12 weeks, provide YOU with the MOST important things I knew when I developed DSL Edgework, my Method of Mindful Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Therapy.

Can I provide YOU the most Important Lessons of FORTY YEARS of Experience & Study in about 40 HOURS over the course of 12 weeks? That’s 3 to 4 hours per week.

PLUS a PERSONALIZED, One Hour, Private Mentoring / Coaching Call with You EVERY WEEK? This is intended to Customize your Learning Experience with me to Your Needs & Interests.

And we can work on your Life- & Work-style as well, if you like. The Private Calls are, essentially, that we work with WHATEVER it is you want or need.

I believe I can teach you most of what I knew when I first developed this work into a successful modality. While I've made many refinements and additions over the years, the Basic Principles remain the same. I believe they are timeless principles, and will not change unless human beings evolve into something very different than we are now.

Again, this is about YOU Becoming THE Leading Edge Expert & Trusted Authority in Your Community On Soft Tissue Therapy with the HELP of DSL Edgework ...

I Believe that YOU Can BECOME the Therapist who can resolve the Difficult-to-Treat, Complex, Chronic — and often Acute — Soft Tissue Issues of Clients* that no one else has been able to help.

  • Client: One Who Is under the Protection of another. (from Webster’s Dictionary) Please compare with “Patient":
    • Patient: 1. a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment ... 2. able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.
  • Which would YOU prefer to be? A Client? Or a Patient?
  • This Shift in Mindset helps you set a new, higher standard for Yourself to offer a Client the Highest Standard of Care possible.

And You’ll Gain Many Benefits Such As:

  • More Clients. (Maybe even a Waiting List!)
  • More Sense of Urgency for Clients to KEEP their appointments.
  • Higher Fees per Session.
  • More Respect & Appreciation from Your Community.
  • More Opportunities to Expand Your Horizons.
  • Utilize your New Knowledge in New Ways.
  • You might even become “The Therapist’s Therapist”!
  • More ability to control WHO you work with and WHEN.
  • More Opportunities to Design Your Life- & Work-style the way YOU want.
  • Longer-term payment packages for Client Commitment & Cash Flow.

Do You Ever Wonder if YOU Could BE That Expert? …

Do You Have DOUBTS that YOU Could BE that Person?

If So, Are You Ready to — LET GO — of Those Doubts?

"With 18 years experience in  the health care professions, I appreciate soundly re-searched & scientifically based approaches to rehabilitation. The DSL Method of BodyWork has expanded and refined my understanding and applications for achieving postural correctness and pain relief in less time. David has a unique way of reiterating known fundamental laws, redefining erroneous concepts, and instructing the participants through a successful treatment program."
~ Al Cujas • Physical Therapist
A.T.C., N.M.T.

Former Instructor for the
St. John NMT Seminar System

Winston Salem, North Carolina

"David’s understanding of the neuromuscular and myofascial system challenges everything I learned in school. Yet I have sent several difficult patients to him — those who were not responding to conventional methods. Upon follow-up, they were all found to be symptom-free and able to exercise without problem.

"In personally receiving bodywork from him, his manual skills are beyond compare.

David has the perfect combination of sensitivity, knowledge and skill. Both in teaching and performing therapy, David is a great communicator — humorous and engaging, delightful to work with. His conviction, passion and dedication inspires me.

"David is, by far, the best teacher I have ever known. … Where DSL teaches, I will follow. Hope to see you there."
~ Karen Rampino, Physical Therapist
Wellesley, MA

Now, Here is the (Required) Lawyer Speak:

Of Course, I am making NO Promises nor Guarantees that You will make extra money or get more Clients from this material. Or anything else. THAT will be up to YOU and how hard You work, study & APPLY the information. ...

YET, I Promise that I will Do My VERY Best to show You the Ingredients & Recipes. I can tell & show you what I did, I can give you many important Insights. But YOU must provide the actual applications of what You learn.

You Must Do The Cooking!

Better Answers to the Puzzles of Posture, Pain & Dysfunction

WHAT Are We Dealing with?

We start with the idea of, and sciences behind, C.E.M.&.N.T. or Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.

We believe many, maybe most, problems in the neuro-musculo-fascial system are caused by C.E.M.&.N.T. ... And remember, many of the organs of the body are made of muscle too, and are subject to accumulated levels of stress & tension. For instance, the intestines are thin layers of muscle. If they get too tense, the intestines cannot perform peristalsis properly. That can lead to intestinal metabolic issues.

Educating Our Clients on the nature of C.E.M.&.N.T. helps them understand what has happened to them, and can make it easier for them to let go into the therapeutic process. Many people, when their mind gains understanding, calm down and become more able to engage in the Therapeutic Healing Process.

You'll also be learning about things like engrams, which are the neurological basis for C.E.M.&.N.T. ... Understanding the sciences behind engrams, synapses, and neurons helps YOU understand why some Clients take a LONG time to get better, even though other Clients get rapid results.

When YOU understand, you gain more confidence in the process, and can better educate your Client. If YOU have more confidence, and can share with them why, the Client will have more confidence as well.

HOW To Work With Muscles?

This education includes the Basic DSL Release Technique of HOW to get stubborn muscles to Relax & Release. This technique is deceptively easy to learn and apply. It is designed to help you FOCUS more on THE CLIENT and what's happening in their body rather than the technique itself.

  • It is slow, steady pressure, in ONE SPOT on the musculo-fascial unit, with very little lateral movement — NO cross fiber, NO slide & glide, NO stripping, NO deep, painful, or intrusive pressure — well within the Client's preferred levels of sensation. I do NOT usually work with the attachments, but perpendicular into the middle of the muscle belly.
  • With our NO Pain, MORE Gain philosophy, the Client should LIKE or be NEUTRAL about what they are feeling. They should be inviting the sensation, NOT fighting the sensation. If the Client is tolerating what their Therapist is doing, the Therapist is already too deep into the tissues.

But almost all the movement is either sinking deeper or backing out, with almost NO sideways work. At most, I change the angle of pressure, with slight adjustments of angle and approach, waiting to get a significant release of tension before moving to another spot.

Clients tell me I actually get DEEPER than the deep tissue therapists, AND I can stay in the tissues longer, AND I can find more "stuff" in their muscles. Because I WAIT for the tissues to relax before sinking deeper, so they are never fighting or resisting me.

I've very often been told by Clients that no other therapist had ever spent as much time in certain areas. Yet the Client always thought they should have. And the Client was RIGHT. They needed MUCH more time in an area than they had ever been given.

By-the-Way ... For most of the years of my practice, I've done THREE HOUR SESSIONS. That's because the Clients I attract NEED that much time.

Some therapists have aasked me WHAT could I possibly DO for three hours?

WELL, you do NOT have to do three hour sessions for this to work. I've had Therapists (who were students of mine) who only used my Method for 10 or 20 minutes at a time. But they said it made ALL the difference in their results with certain Clients.

The Trick is to know when you need the technique, versus when other modalities are sufficient.

The DSL Therapy MOTTO:

It is easier to open the door before you walk through it, and you cannot peel an onion from the inside out. ... And each thin layer of the onion is a doorway to the next thin layer. ... You do NOT sink in until the layer you are on has started to release.

You FOLLOW, or Add Energy to, the Release of Tension You do NOT push through the tension.

It sometimes takes time, sometimes a LOT of time. I've had Clients with a muscle SO tight that their doctor, AND their massage therapist (!!!), told them it was a BONE! Yet it was NOT! We give the Client's musculo-fascial units the TIME it takes to Relax & Release, to Let Go thoroughly.

Knowing your anatomy REALLY well helps this a LOT.

"I learned more anatomy from David in 5 weeks than in 4 YEARS of medical school."
~ Todd Mangum, MD
Web of Life Wellness Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

"David's seminar was a great functional anatomy review for me. It has given me new insights into my patient's chronic postures and how to help them better. It is a great adjunct to chiropractic and bodywork."
~ Leanne Apfelback
Doctor of Chiropractic
Chicago, Illinois

But when a Client feels a muscle start to let go that's been "tight" for years or decades, even if very slowly at first, it is a Welcome Relief. Especially if they've been told it was a bone and that it could NOT relax!

Many Clients ask why more therapists don't DO this? The thing is, the Therapist has to slow down enough to REALLY FEEL what's happening in their Client's bodymind. My observation is most therapists do not have the patience to do that.


Now that I have told you all that, maybe you could just run with what you already know? What do you need ME for?

Well, Good Question! ... Truth is, it's very possible. I'll discuss this further below. But it's all about knowing how the BodyMind works well enough that you have the CONFIDENCE that the Scientific Principles MUST at some point begin to work in your and your Client's favor.


We will ALSO focus on BIO-Structural Analysis, helping you evaluate your Client’s Posture & Structure and decide which muscles are MOST important to work on, and in what sequence.

This is about a specific Formula of postural analysis I use that, for some reason, very few muscle therapists have figured out. I learned it from a man — Daniel Blake, founder of Structural Bodywork — who had been directly trained by Ida Rolf, founder of Rolfing®.

But after becoming a Rolfer, Daniel started doubting some of the Basic Principles of Rolfing, so he left the Rolf Institute to develop his own methods.

I had, in 1982, been thinking of moving to Boulder, CO to attend the Rolf Institute. But when Daniel came to Chicago to teach his Method of Structural Bodywork, I took his program instead. And it turns out I decided I agreed with Daniel's disagreements with Rolfing.

And DSL Edgework has, in several areas, almost opposite views of how the body works, and why it goes out of alignment and develops pain. ... So that saved me from having to move to Boulder!

Like NMT, MFR, Deep Tissue, Somatics, Hellerwork, and many other therapies, Rolfing works extremely well for many people and many issues. ... DSL is for those Clients whom those methods have NOT worked for.

There are several other Essential Elements of DSL Edgework you’ll be learning as well.

MY JOB is to move you as far toward Expert Status as you are willing and able to go, depending on Your Motivation & Commitment to learning the work.

In this Pilot Program, each week, we will address (approximately) one of the following Elements of DSL Edgework ...

"David’s evaluation segment allows me to quickly target all parts of my client’s structural dysfunction. The lab once again confirmed that working with the body, instead of forcing it, yields the most dramatic results. This course is well worth the time and study."
~ Suzanne Kuro, Physical Therapist
Roselle, Illinois

"I utilize The DSL Method of postural analysis and tension release techniques with my clients on a daily basis. My staff massage therapist and I will be attending whatever courses David offers in the future."
~ Eric Cutting, Doctor of Chiropractic
Amesbury, Massachusetts

The Primary Components of DSL Edgework:

  • BodyMInd Breakdowns / C.E.M.&.N.T. — How Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Excesses & Imbalances Cause Pain & Dysfunction with Chronic, Excess Musculo-Fascial & Nerve Tension & Stress. …
    • Reducing C.E.M.&.N.T. is Our “Primary Target” of therapy.
    • Dissolving Neuro-Muscular ENGRAMS, the neuro-foundation of memory patterns, including the ones accumulating and holding on to your or your Client's Pain & Dysfunction.
  • Mindful Medical Massage Therapy — The Basic DSL Manual Release Technique for Effecticient Tension Release
    • Effecticient = Effective + Efficient
  • BIO-Structural Analysis, Postural Evaluation & Strategy — Determining WHICH muscles to work and WHEN. This is about advanced studies in structural anatomy, functional kinesiology & physical forces (such as tensegrity [resilience] & hydrostatic [water & buoyancy] forces).
    • BIO refers to the Living, Breathing Human behind the musculoskeletal structure
    • We will examine what I call the Homeopathic Interview. This is your interview to get the Health History of your Client. It also helps them dig out past events they might not remember or understand.
    • It is amazing how long a Client can go before they remember certain high-impact events that can completely change your therapeutic strategy. Yet some of them had been told by their doctors or therapists that VERY important events in their lives did NOT matter!
    • You help them Connect-the-Dots of their health history. Sometimes, that in itself starts their healing process.
  • Myo-Structural Bodywork & Balancing — Using the manual technique, with Mindfulness, to bring the Body & Posture Back to Balanced Function at the Micro (muscle cells & fascial sheaths) and Macro (posture & structure) levels.
    • Restoring Myo-Structural Homeostasis
    • Releasing the Natural Forces Built into Your Body at Birth
    • Working WITH Gravity, NOT Against it
  • Posture-based, Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy — Using “Let-Go Yoga" Postures Therapeutically.
    • Includes YogasAnalysys: How to match and adapt yoga postures to a Client's myo-structural needs
  • In-Depth Medical & Physical Sciences — Medical Research Explaining, Assisting & Validating What We Do, including Neuromuscular & Myofascial Physiology & Neurology
  • Self-Care for Therapists & Clients — “Tools” for Clients AND Therapists to Recover & Stay Healthy including Yoga and Tai Chi-based Movement & Exercise Therapy.
    • Also support Clients and Therapists in using Massage Tools for Self Treatment & Maintenance
  • Whole Health Principles & Practices — Muscle Therapy within a Greater Context, e.g., Elegant Anti-Aging. … This gives you Greater Insights beyond what the typical Health Coach can provide. Opens new doors for working with your Clients in a wider range of services.
  • A Wholistic Philosophy, Psychology & Science of Being Human —
    Underlying Everything We Do

These weekly Elements will start you down the path to learning & using DSL Edgework. Some of You will be able to “run” with what you learn here, as I did. Some people have a Natural Knack for this kind of stuff and can pick it up quickly.

Other Therapists might need more Education and/or Mentoring. If so, there will be a separate Masterclass on each of the Primary Elements of DSL Edgework in the near future. They will be developed based on the feedback from YOU, the initial Participants.

  • There will be a separate program & charge for each Masterclass. The first people who go through those Pilot Programs will get a Super Great Price.

MY INTENTION, however, is that by the end of THIS 12-week program, you will know the most important parts of what I knew when I first developed this method of therapy. To Restate that ...

  • FULL DISCLOSURE: Obviously, DSL Edgework has a LOT of material to teach. It goes VERY wide & deep. For ME, it’s been a Life-Long Study. Yet, my intention for this program is to get YOU started in a way that YOU can begin applying the basic principles & skills immediately, in their most simple — yet VERY effective & efficient — forms. My intention is you will know, approximately, what I knew when I initially developed this work.
  • In the Very First Session, You will learn about the Basic EdgeTouch Release Technique so that you can begin using and experimenting with it immediately.

This is, in part, why I’m including — for THIS Pilot Program — the Weekly, Private, One-on-One Phone or Skype calls so I can make SURE you understand the Knowledge, Insights & Techniques as soon as possible.

In the future, the personal calls will NOT be part of the program OR will be at significantly added cost. (The national average for one-on-one Coaching is currently $214 per hour. Business Coaching is as much as $500 per hour.)

On DSL 3.0: The DSL Method is, after more than FORTY YEARS of Development, now in its Third Generation of Concepts, Techniques, Skills & Insights.

DSL 1.0 … The Fundamental Principles, developed from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, remain fully intact with little modification, only refinements, clarifications, and more in-depth scientific understanding.

The Essential Elements of the DSL Method of (then called) Psycho-Muscular Release & Structural Balancing were based in great part on my extensive experience with Physical / Mental & Relational Yoga.

  • It was doing several hours a day of yoga postures with a deep mental focus, I learned what REALLY makes a muscle Release & Relax, to Let-Go of its tension & stress. After getting into massage therapy, and applying the yogic principles to massage & bodywork, the DSL Method of Bodywork was originally presented as an “Externally applied form of Physical / Mental Yoga,” wherein the therapist worked to “recreate” the "yogic experience” for the Client with hands-on, manual therapy.
  • I first did the EdgeTouch Release Technique because when I had been doing a LOT of Yoga (like 3 and 4 hours per day), I used the super-slow approach I learned from my Primary Yoga Teacher, Joel Kramer. We stayed in specific postures for a LONG time, with very little outward movement. And our Objective was NOT to "push deeper" into the stretch. The movement WAS dynamic, but at very subtle levels, often imperceptible to the naked eye.
  • Our "objective" was to use the stretch to FEEL the muscle as deeply as possible. The BY-PRODUCT of doing so — of Deep Feeling — was that the muscle would relax & release, usually a LOT more than if we had been attempting to push deeper into the stretch.
  • The Primary Focus is on Reducing C.E.M.&.N.T. by supporting the Client in discovering Deep, Radical Relaxation. You are not “relaxing the Client." You are setting up conditions for the Client to discover how their own bodymind produces the desired changes, the relaxation of tension levels of their muscles. It is their own BodyMind doing a Great Reset of their neuro-musculo-fascial units.
  • Relational Yoga refers to the quality & depth of attention in the interactions between the Client and Therapist, such that a supportive environment is produced facilitating the Client being able to Focus, Relax, & Release their tensions and stress.

"David’s work is amazing! A year ago I was hardly able to move due to severe back pain (this was not the first time). The doctor prescribed, once again, physical therapy and though I practiced these PT techniques for months, my pain grew stronger and my ability to move lessened. I then hired David Scott Lynn and within a short time I not only felt relief, but my standing, walking, sitting, and moving postures had improved. Now, 12 months later, I seldom feel pain and move with ease, freedom, and flexibility; moving in ways I never imagined were possible a year ago. Thanks to David, I have a daily pain-free yoga, standing, walking, and sitting practice, and I have new methods to share with my students. David’s knowledge is extraordinary! David’s techniques work!"
~ Diana T. Kyricos
Kripalu Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Chelmsford, Massachusetts

In the early days, David's Clients included three Presidents as well as Executive Board Members of the AMTA and several founders of major massage schools in the country.

"David is an “important leader in the field of BodyWork.”
~ From a Workshop Brochure from the
National Holistic Institute • Emeryville, California

"The students in Heartwood’s approved Massage program felt that The DSL Method was the most valuable work in Heartwood’s massage curriculum. Many  students felt that David’s work instilled a sense of competence in their ability to do massage & bodywork. It is an open ended system allowing and encouraging students to continually improve their work through active practitioner/client exchange. I have personally found that, based on feedback from clients, The DSL Method is on par with, if not superior to, the other major bodywork systems available today."
~ Rex Dippre
Massage Therapist
Arcata, California
(Former Director of Admissions @
Heartwood Institute, 1989-1992)

DSL 2.0: From the mid-1990s to the late 2,000s, an In-Depth Scientific Perspective was developed & integrated into DSL Edgework. This was focused in part on a Therapist being able to converse with a doctor or medically trained therapist (such as a physical or occupational therapist, kinesiologist, or exercise physiologist) about our methods of therapy, and the Doctor or Therapist would KNOW that YOU, the Muscle Therapist, KNEW what you were talking about and that it fit with known scientific, medical knowledge. …

  • This also produced a deeper trust in the Client if they knew their doctor or other therapists approved of the therapy.

Now, here is the “Secret” not many Therapists know:

  • It’s not really a “Secret” in that it is “hidden” in plain sight if you look from the correct point-of-view. Here's how it worked for ME ...
  • Even though I had some early successes using this technique, I had significant doubts about it for a couple of years. Or rather, insecurities. At first, Clients wanted MASSAGE, not "steady pressure in one spot" for extended periods of time. ... That is Understandable.
  • Yet I believed they were being deprived of certain substantial benefits they would gain by using my "new method." But I FIRST had to convince MYSELF that it was truly worth it.
  • At one point — I remember the minute it happened — I decided to just STOP doing "regular massage" and just specialize in my new method. This forced me to REALLY get good at it and understand it, and why it worked, to the fullest. Otherwise, I would not be very convincing to a Prospect that I had an answer for them. so I really dug into the sciences.
  • That Scientific Knowledge gives YOU, the Therapist (as it did ME), the CONFIDENCE that the principles MUST be working in that they are based on scientific, physiologic reality. This allows a therapist to persist in a treatment strategy even though the results are not always showing up right away. And some Clients need a LOT of time before their nervous system & brain “decide” to “RESET” and go along with the "new program.” Or more accurately, DE-programming of their muscle’s habitual tensions.
  • Some Clients need three to six sessions before they even start seeing significant improvement. Although they usually know in the first session that “something is different” about this therapy.
  • It is important to remember ... NO Therapist has ever relaxed or released the musculo-fascial tension in another human being's body. When successful, it is because the Therapist produced conditions where the Client’s Central Nervous System & Brain felt SAFE enough to RESET their neuro-tension levels down to a more “normal” and relaxed state.
  • This is INTERNAL to the Client’s BodyMInd. The Therapist is the EXTERNAL Facilitator. … Yoga Postures also serve as “external facilitators” for a Client to Explore & Release, or RESET their tension levels.
  • THAT is a Critical "Mindset Shift."

And Here is the Bigger Picture I’m Inviting You to Participate in:

Now, with DSL 3.0 …. we are working to Expand the Knowledge & Skills of Soft Tissue & Manual Therapists to a much wider & deeper range of people & possibilities. This includes more complete education of The People of America on the Immense & Little Known Value of the Soft Tissue Work we do. …

  • I want YOU — IF You are Willing — to be at the Forefront of that Initiative.

You are NOT expected to become a “DSL Therapist.” I’m not looking for a bunch of DSL Clones. Yet because this work is a thorough, deep dive into fundamental principles & sciences of the human bodymind, you can apply this knowledge to whatever style of bodywork you wish to practice. …

HOWEVER, if you DO want to work the way DSL (that's ME!) does, that CAN be arranged.

Customizing & Personalizing Your PILOT Program Experience

For THIS Pilot Program, I will be designing the content of the weekly Instructional Videos & Presentations as we proceed around your input & feedback. … This is so I can make sure the program is well designed for the needs and YOU the other students, rather than my “good ideas” of what I might think is right.

THAT is one reason why I’m charging such a low price for the program.

It cost $25,000 to go to the Rolf Institute in boulder. I beleive I can give you a GREAT Education & Mentoring Experience for one third or a quarter of that.

But in THIS program, it will be much less than even that. And if you are highly self-motivated, you might get all you need with just the Basic 12-week Program.

You will receive 2 to 3 hours per week* of Educational Material on DSL Edgework in which YOU will learn MOST, if not all, of what I knew when I originally developed this therapy. (While you won’t yet have my many years of direct experience, such as doing FOUR HOURS of yoga per day 5 or 6 days per week in the 1970s, or THREE Hours per day in the mid-1980s, you will have access to the vast amount of the Lessons and Knowledge & Insights I gained over those years.)

  • RE: 2 to 3 hours … That assumes you watch videos or read at more-or-less “normal” rates of speed.
  • This does NOT include the 2 or more hours per week in the Group Conference calls. (They will be recorded if you cannot make the call.)

This material will, in part, be delivered via video or other presentation form (such as PDFs) that you can view at your convenience. We will also have Group Presentations & Discussions on Skype, Zoom or other such platforms. …

  • They will be recorded in case you cannot make the online event.

You will also have access to my eCoaching software, where you can contact me via Web-based eMail and ask me any questions, or make any comments if you want. (I only ask you to be reasonable and not ask book-length questions. And if you ask something I will be talking about in a future video or presentation, I will let you know that.)

THIS Pilot Program will include a one-hour, One-on-One, Private Mentoring / Coaching Call with me (DSL) on Skype, Zoom or Telephone (or other platform) EVERY WEEK for 12 weeks. Our focus will be to customize our work together to help you refine your Manual Therapy & Structural Evaluation Skills, and find your Best Niche(s) of Clients and Communicate with them about your Knowledge, Skills & Insights … to the people who NEED to KNOW about You and Your Skills. This includes a Marketing & Communication Channel, and COULD be Internet-based, but there are other possible channels. …

  • If Needed & Desired, in the Private, 1-on-1 Sessions, we will also focus on your Personal Vision & Purpose in Life, and Designing Your Business to Support that Vision.
  • I have over 40 years started 8 different therapy practices, most in different parts of the country or at different times. Back in 1985, I even got a practice going in Acapulco, México, starting with ONE contact. …
  • It was going well till the earthquake hit.
  • So I should be able to help with ideas & resources for all that.

Sorry to be Repetitive, but again, Future Programs will NOT include this One-on-One feature, OR will be a LOT more expensive. This is Your Opportunity to benefit from my forty+ years of experience in the industry at a FRACTION of what it would normally cost.

  • The average price for one-on-one coaching nationwide is now $214 per hour! Business coaching is around $500 per hour. If I were charging that lower price, it would be $2,500 just for the 12 one-on-one coaching calls.
    • And as I keep saying elsewhere, I think it makes sense YOU think about becoming a Health Coach as well. There are many reasons to do that.
  • Please think of it this way: if I can JUST help you increase your price by $10 per hour for 6 hours of therapy per week, Xs 48 weeks, that”s $2,880 per year, and you’ve paid off the course in a year.
  • If you decide you want to do this work full time, say 24 hours per week, at an extra $10 per hour, you pay off the course in 12 weeks.
  • On the other hand, a number of people around the country charge $100 to $145 per hour for similar (but not really the same) Therapy. At 24 hours of therapy per week, that’s $115,000 to $167,000 per year.
  • One of my friends in Sarasota, Florida, now unfortunately passed on to the Next Life, was doing EIGHT 55-minute therapy sessions PER DAY, 5 days per week. He was booked up 5 or more weeks in advance. No Insurance. He was charging $145 per 55-minute hour. He had a small office and a part-time receptionist. … You can do the arithmetic. … He told me he used some NMT (NeuroMuscular Therapy) plus what he learned from me — the DSL Method — in a weekend workshop in 1993 as his Therapy Method.
  • He was doing this till he was in his 60s.
  • AGAIN, I am NOT saying YOU will make that much money. It all depends on how much motivation and dedication you apply to the process of becoming a Leading Edge Expert Therapist. … Yet the POTENTIAL is there.

To Support YOU in Such Objectives …

My Plan is to be Fully Available to all Program Members from Noon to Midnight (Mountain Standard Time) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. It is during those times I will be having Phone or Zoom calls or eMail interactions with all participants.

NOW, I have NO idea how fast this program will fill up. So, for the first FIVE people to sign up, we will operate more on a Tutoring Basis, One-on-One. We WILL schedule group calls if the participants are into it. After the Sixth person signs up, we will move to the Group Format but still have individual, private calls every week.


If you are interested but undecided, and you want more insight into WHAT I’m doing and WHY, please go to my website for VERY in-depth descriptions of what this program involves:


NEXT is a FAR more in-depth Resource with a LOT of information about DSL Edgework and MY Path to becoming known as a Highly Qualified Therapist. It’s a long read, but if you want to know more, here it is:


You can read some Great Testimonials at:


FINALLY, if you are interested in taking this program, we should talk on the phone or Skype and discuss the possibilities. If it seems like we are a Good Fit, then you can enroll. If not, hopefully, this will have given you some ideas of what’s possible in Your Future as a Soft Tissue Therapist.

Thank You Very Much for Reading!

David Scott Lynn


CELL: 480-209-4383

I want this!

1.) FIRST 12 Participants: You’ll get a 1-hour, One-on-One Call via phone, Skype or Zoom every week for 12-weeks. 2.) You’ll receive an Educational Presentation every week on one Element of DSL Edgework. 3.) You’ll access a Group Meeting on Skype or Zoom every week to discuss the Element of the week. 4.) There will be an “Ask Me Anything” type online call for whatever you want to talk about. 5.) You’ll have access to my Private eCoaching software via eMail to ask your individual questions and comments. 6.) You’ll receive at least half a dozen Special Reports going in-depth on a Primary Element of DSL Edgework.

Weekly Educational, Presentation on an Actionable Element of DSL Edgework
Deepen Your Knowledge of Advanced Muscle Therapy
Weekly Group Skype or Zoom Call
Ask Questions, interact with other participants for Wider & Deeper Perspectives
1-on-1 eCoaching via Web-based eMail
Ask your Questions, give Comments to DSL
BONUS eBooks on ALL of DSL’s writings
Deepen Your Knowledge at Your Leisure
1-on-1, 1-hour, Private Mentoring / Coaching Call with DSL
Fully Personalize your Experience of the Program
POST-Course Availability for 1-month
I'll be (Reasonably) Accessible via eMail, Zoom, or Phone for 1-month after the program ends for Your Questions & Concerns
DISCOUNTS for ONLINE Consultations with Your Cllients
Get A Client Online, See How I Work with Clients

On Becoming a Leading Edge Expert On Soft Tissue Therapy — A 12-week, Basic Education & Mentoring Program

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I want this!