PILOT PROGRAM: The School of Hard Knots — A Masterclass on Muscles

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PILOT PROGRAM: The School of Hard Knots — A Masterclass on Muscles

David Scott Lynn (DSL) — Masterclass on Bodywork & Yoga Therapy
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The Following Letter introduces You to my New Activities in Life & Work I'm developing to Help YOU take advantage of my 45 plus years of knowledge, experience & INSIGHT into how the Human BodyMind Works, How it Breaks Down, and what to DO about it all.

(Same subjects, different method of delivery.)

Yet more importantly, I'm hoping to get more people like YOU thinking more about Important Elements of Freedom of Movement & Action, Elegant Anti-Aging & Injury Prevention, Maximizing Performance, and How to Heal & Repair Muscles if and when they DO breakdown. ...

And whether you are a member of the General Public, or a Health Care Professional, how YOU can Maximize such things in YOUR Own Life.

(I've had Clients fly in to take a few days professional workshop just so they knew how to treat their own Family & Friends!)

Ever since I was in Kindergarten, I've been a Seeker of Freedom. At the time, it was about Society In General. Yet in my teens I came to realize Real Freedom includes freedom of the body to maximize movement & action in and through life with minimal stress, resistance, and discomfort.

I guess that's why I became a Yoga Teacher and a Bodyworker instead of a politician! ...

And while "Lawyer Laws" change all the time and keep getting more complex, "Muscle Laws" — Laws of Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology & Neurology — seem eternally & reliably consistent. I'm hoping that learning the Laws of Muscles will help YOU in your Life & Work.

Hopefully, the following letter will stimulate some thinking and pursuits of enhancing your freedom of mind & body. Whether you are a Professional Muscle Therapist or a member of the General Public (a Health Care Consumer), I hope you find this informative, useful and interesting.

Thank You Very Much for Reading,
David Scott Lynn
Sedona, Arizona
November 16, 2022

By-the-Way, if you want a super in-depth description of what I'm doing in this program and why, and the 4 or 5 DECADES of experience & thinking behind it all, Please Go to this Webpage:


WARNING: It is more like a SHORT BOOK, but some people want to know as much as possible about what I do for them. And there is a LOT of material on that website.

— Mastering Your Muscles —
A Masterclass on the Psycho*-Neuro-

Musculo-Fascial & Joint System

* "Psycho" refers to the Mind & Emotions participating in or causing most of our "volitional [willful or intentional] movements & actions" performed by our musculo-fascial systems. Something as simple as typing on a keyboard requires messages from the MIND moving through the Brain & Nervous system to turn muscles on or off in harmonious action.

And if you are EXCITED, or UPSET, about what you are writing, your Emotions will change the style & intensity of WHAT you write and HOW you type. And all THAT can have an affect on whether you accumulate excess tension & stress in your muscles — or NOT. ...

And it is all too easy to be accumulating stress & tension and not even know it until one day, you have the proverbial Straw that Broke the Camel's Back moment. Then all those accumulated tensions rise up and cause all sorts of trouble. ... For YOU or Your Clients!

You See, "muscle memory" (which is more accurately called "psycho-neuro-musculo-fascial memory") does not discriminate. Just as muscle memory remembers your name, your skills, and other useful abilities, it ALSO remembers your stress, tension, trauma and injuries.

One Objective of Therapy and proper Training of the BodyMind is to have stress & tension pass THROUGH your body, NOT getting trapped IN your body.

This is just ONE part of Mastering Your Muscles, and therefore Maximizing Your BodyMInd Performance, Injury Prevention & Elegant Anti-Aging ...

The more responsive your Muscles & Fascia are to the Movements of Your Mind, the more effective & efficient your actions are, as well as satisfying and enjoyable.

Yet it works in reverse, too. If your muscles do not respond well to the Movements of Mind, the Mind can get frustrated, even suppressed or repressed. And that can have significant negative affects upon the emotional state, as well. Many things start to breakdown, even in the physical body.

Then of course, there are the inevitable accidents and injuries most of us go though at some time(s) in our lives.

But one of the things I've learned over many years of doing a lot of martial arts, yoga, racing motocross, heavy construction, and so on, is the more attentive & mindful I'm being, the more my mind - body connection is working well, the fewer injuries or accidents I have.

And the more fluid & resilient my muscles are, the less stress & tension gets "stuck" in my soft tissues.

An important part of this process is about bringing Meditation or Mindfulness into the Physical Techniques of your Daily Activities and/or Therapeutic Processes. That leads to Greater Whole Health Wellness.

Knowing How They WORK,
Tells You How to WORK Them ...

First, please allow me to point out that traditionally, the word "muscle" referred to the muscle cells AND the fascia as a whole, integral, interdependent unit. Now-a-days, many people talk as if the muscle cells and fascia are separate systems.

I mention the following topic early in this Letter as it is a Good Example of the various Myth-Conceptions in the neuro-musculo-fascial therapy field that I feel are very misleading and often counter-productive. I go into a number of these on my websites and in my trainings.

It's NOT (supposedly) The Muscles, It's The FASCIA!

I've had Clients tell me they don't have a "muscle problem," they have a "fascia problem." Or some therapists have told me they are "treating fascia," but NOT "the muscles." (I could go on and on about that, but this letter is long enough as it is!)

Anyway, there are some BIG problems emanating from that way of thinking. It has caused some significant mis-evaluation of some Client's issues. BUT ...

As you can see in the above illustration, the Deep Fascia (meaning under [deeper than] the Superficial Fascia, which is the deepest layer of the skin) are actually long sheaths encasing the muscle cells as well as the blood & lymph vessels and nerves. And much of the "deep fascia" is NOT really "deep" in the body at all. The outer layers of the myofascia are just under the skin.

SO ... we have the Epimysium (outer layer of muscle belly), the Perimysium (deeper, inner layers containing bundles of muscle fibers), and the Endomysium (deepest layers surrounding EACH muscle fiber or cell). The muscle cells and fascial sheaths are intimately involved and mutually dependent on each other. When it comes to the deep myofascia, the only way to separate them is with a scalpel.

Without each other, neither the fascia nor the muscle cells can function in any constructive way. They would just lie in a heap on the floor. Most of the pathologies involve and interplay between the two types of tissue.

The idea that you can, in any significant way, evaluate or treat the myofascia separately from the muscle cells requires, in MY opinion, a Great Leap of Imagination. YES, the properties and functions of EACH are VERY different. But without each other working in harmony, they are functionally useless.

And understanding how they work together wholistically, and breakdown together, tells you a LOT more than just knowing a whole lot about either one.

This error reveals why for YEARS, many therapists in America were treating the EXACT WRONG musculo-fascial units when treating scoliosis, and could not understand why scoliosis was so hard to straighten. ...

Until they saw how I work with scoliosis. Then, when I explained the Fascial Fallacy they were operating under, they instantly understood why.

THAT is the kind of analysis and information you'll find in my Masterclass and Programs.

And among the many Problems medical massage and therapeutic bodywork deal with, many of them are due to chronic tension in the musculo-fascial units ...

PLEASE Let Me Ask You A Question ...

Is It Possible that the "New Missing Diagnosis" for musculoskeletal issues is C.E.M.&.N.T. ? ... That's short for Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.

(And YES, if I could have figured out a way to get an "F" for "Fascia" into " C.E.M.&.N.T., " I would have! ... But C.E.M.F.&.N.T.S. would not have looked too good, would it?)

And is it possible that C.E.M.&.N.T. ("tight muscles" for short) is one of THE Primary Causes of many of the problems & conditions in Your or Your Client's Body & Mind?

And Do You Think that IF You had a Superior Knowledge of HOW the Musculo-Fascial System Works, You'd Become a Leading Edge Practitioner of Muscle Therapy? Or better able to manage your own Soft Tissue Issues? (Soft tissue being the nerves, muscles, fascia, skin and such?)

And if YOU are a Muscle Therapist ...

ARE YOU READY ... to become a Trusted Authority, an Acknowledged Expert, in your community on how the psycho-neuro-musculo-fascial & joint systems really work? And how to Heal & Repair those systems most "effecticiently" (effective plus efficient).

Having had experience with many different bodyworkers, David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy & physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.

~ Dr. John Bordiuk
Metabolic M.D. & Yoga Teacher
Inner Balance Med
Wellesley, MA

— My MISSION is to HELP THERAPISTS — Would That Be YOU??? — Learn How to BE a Leading Edge Expert in the healing of the Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Systems.

The DSL Edgework system is designed to work with Clients who've had long-term pains & dysfunction and NOT found any or sufficient relief from other therapies. Whether you use that system or not, the Principles of the human body are the same whatever modalities you use.

I met David Scott Lynn right at the moment when I was considering ending my career as a classical cellist. I had incessant shooting pains in my forearm, and was not able to play for more than 5 minutes. After seeing many of Boston's top [health care] professionals, with no success, I had pretty much given up hope.

At the recommendation of my cello instructor at the time, Paul Katz, I went to see DSL for help. Even within the first few sessions, I began to feel more improvement with him than with all the others I had worked with combined. After a few months of working with DSL, the tension melted away and the pain stopped. It has been over two years since I've had a session with DSL, and I am still pain free.

In addition, his knowledge in yoga & stretching has helped me keep my whole body loose and flexible. With DSL's help, I am now well on my way to realizing my dreams as a cellist. I am forever indebted to David, and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is seeking a better, easier, more pain free lifestyle.
~ David Huckaby
Professional Concert Cellist
(At the Time, This was in Boston area.)

While DSL's concept and execution of body work is nothing short of amazing, it is his approach to yoga that has been life altering for me. The profound yet subtle changes have reinvented not only my own practice, but the way I teach yoga as well. Of all the yoga techniques I've studied in the past 30 years, not only are David's methods what I've been searching for, but feedback from my students is equally as positive. I'm excited about teaching yoga again!
~ Nan Araneo • Yoga Teacher
Rockport, Massachusetts
Former Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

David's understanding of the neuromuscular & myofascial system challenges everything I learned in school. Yet I have sent several difficult patients to him — those who were not responding to conventional methods. Upon follow-up, they were all found to be symptom-free and able to exercise without problem.

In personally receiving bodywork from him, his manual skills are beyond compare. ... David has the perfect combination of sensitivity, knowledge and skill. Both in teaching and performing therapy, David is a great communicator — humorous and engaging, delightful to work with. His conviction, passion and dedication inspires me.

David is, by far, the best teacher I have ever known. ... Where DSL teaches, I will follow. Hope to see you there.
~ Karen Rampino
Physical Therapist
Greater Boston Area

— On Becoming An Expert ...

I'm going to tell you a little about how I developed MY Therapy System in order to inspire YOU to set yourself on a path of Becoming An Expert, on becoming a Master of the Trade (or Profession if You prefer!). ...

And if you are a member of the General Public, you'll be better able to take care of Yourself, Your Family, and Your Friends.

The "Trick" Is: looking at things with fresh eyes, without too many (or NO) preconceived notions, and Be Deeply Interested In What Is REALLY There, not (necessarily) what other people say is there. Then, You will begin Seeing Realities & Relationships between various things other people have NOT seen. Or that even You have not seen before.

And in giving yourself permission to experiment with little or unknown ideas or techniques, things YOU might develop yourself, you start to make your discoveries, and to TRUST that YOU know, or you CAN know, as much or more as the so-called "Experts" out there.

One element of becoming an Expert is seeing what are the commonly held ideas in a profession. Then, examine those ideas to see how many of them are, or are not, Myth-Conceptions; concepts appearing to be true, but are not really true.

Or, "We've always done it this way." ... But maybe there is a better way???

As I mentioned above with scoliosis, I believe such Myth-Conceptions can get in the way of Effective Therapy, or worse, and need to be cleared up to achieve the above described results most "Effecticiently." *

* Effecticient = Effective + Efficient ...
and they should happen at the same time!

SO ... HOW DID a Structural Steel Ironworker — (Heavy Construction) from the South Suburbs of Chicago, with NO Medical Training & Minimal College, Invent & Develop a VERY Effective Muscle Therapy System — A Method of Mindful Medical Massage, Myo-Structural Bodywork & Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy?

Back in 1981, I had started a massage therapy practice in Downtown Chicago. I was already pretty good at releasing a Client's muscle stress & tensions.

How Did THAT Happen?

I got interested in such things at age 13 (1967) when I got into Marital Arts and in that same year, "accidentally" stumbled across & into ZEN-style Meditation. I began applying the many things I learned there to nearly everything I did the rest of my life.

For Example, I had good places to experiment with applying what I learned in Martial Arts & Meditation when I was a motocross rider ...

and then a Structural Steel Ironworker (heavy construction).

(NO, that's not Me. But it gives you an idea of what I was doing.)

Since my early teens, I always believed in applying the Inner Arts to the "Regular Activities" of the Outer World as much as possible. Even if those activities were just "ordinary" or "mundane" things in life.

Fast Forward ... In Spring of 1976, I attended a 1-Month Intensive on YOGA at Cold Mountain Institute on Cortes Island off the coast of British Columbia ...

The Intensive was taught by a widely acknowledged Yoga Master, Philosopher & Innovator (Joel Kramer) ... Yet his was a Uniquely American approach to yoga, with very little resemblance to the traditions from India.

(Joel Kramer demonstrating a complex Yoga Posture)

Joel taught Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga and how to release muscle tension most effectively from the INSIDE with Conscious Stretching (Yoga). I integrated those Yoga Principles into my slowly evolving, hands-on bodywork technique.

Relational Yoga was first developed by Joel and his partner, Diana Alstad, for male / female relationships. Yet the principles apply to ALL human relations, including Client / Therapist relations ...

RULE #1: Do NOT make your Client (or Partner) feel BAD about feeling bad! ... It is amazing how many Clients report that their therapists or physicians made them feel bad about feeling bad!

Immediately after the intensive, I then become a Yoga Teacher. I began doing yoga 3 to 4 hours per day for extended periods over the next few years.

And the style of Physical Yoga was Being in physical postures or "stretches" * for extended periods of time — many minutes, not many seconds, using the posture** NOT to force the muscle to become more flexible, but to EXPLORE the Nature and FEEL of Stress & Tension, and how and why we hold onto such tension.

One feature of the design of the nervous system is neuro-impulses in the sensory side of the nervous system will trigger spontaneous reductions in stress & tension in the motor nerves, releasing muscle tension without forcing it.

Meaning just the very ACT of directly FEELING the tension begins dissolving the tension. Especially if there is a STEADY STREAM of neuro-impulses, and NO intrusive sensations being triggered, such as pain.

This is why my manual technique is to apply steady pressure, with almost NO significant lateral movement. I do almost NO cross-fiber (if I do it is very minimal, gentle and slow), NO gliding, NO stripping. I will spend MANY minutes on one small area if necessary.

And I use a NO Pain, MORE Gain philosophy, which works a LOT better if the Client keeps in close communication, letting me me know how they are feeling about the degree of pressure.

The many hours of long-hold yoga postures — is where I learned the MOST — first hand & first body — about the Internal Mind-Body Connections and what makes muscles Release & Let-Go of their stress & tension.

* I don't like the word "stretch" too much because it implies "elasticity," like a rubber band. But one of the Myth-Conceptions about yoga, massage & bodywork is they "restore elasticity" to the muscles. But Muscles Are NOT Rubber Bands! In fact, there is VERY LITTLE in the way of truly elastic components in normal muscles & fascia, even less in tendons. The ability of a muscle to lengthen out is due to bio-mechanical mechanisms (similar to mechanical ratchets like in a ratchet wrench) within the muscle cells rather than elasticity.

(Above is an imprecise, machine like representation of how the "ratchets," the actin—myosin fibers, REALLY work in the muscle cells ... Here is a more realistic illustration ...

... The myosin fibers "ratchet" across the actin fibers of the muscle cell, pulling them towards each other. Relaxation or lengthening of the cells occurs when the nerve impulses stop and the myosin fibers stop "ratcheting." This is a neuro-bio-mechanical action, not a function of "elasticity." If they were elastic, they could not generate much physical action at all.)

** The word "Posture" in yoga isn't too great either. It implies a "static" positioning of the body. The way I was taught by Joel, the "postures" of yoga are actually VERY internally dynamic. It might not be very visible from the outside to the casual observer. But there is a LOT of relatively subtle movement going on "inside of" the "posture."

SO, if those "ratchets" (the actin-myosin molecules) are "stuck in the ON position" and will not stop ratcheting, then the muscle cells will be chronically contracted, and in many cases will be the core of a "muscle knot" or "tight muscle." And those "knots" can get VERY hard. So hard that I've got Clients who were told by their DOCTOR or other therapists that those were NOT muscles, but were really BONES!

But they were NOT bones! It took a lot of time, but those "NOT-bones" were restored to their true state as a muscle by proper therapy.

Yogi-in-Residence in Aspen, Colorado — Intro to Bodywork

In 1977, I became Yogi-in-Residence at the very first healing arts facility in Aspen, Colorado, called the Inner Garden. I met and became friends with Eugene Donaldson, who later became co-founder of Educating Hands, a well-known Massage Therapy School in Miami, Florida.

Eugene introduced me to Deep Tissue Bodywork. His school of thought said you had to really experience pain fully to release it. He gave me my very first bodywork session. And it Hurt Like Hell! ...

Yet Joel the Yogi taught that working with muscles should take you UP TO pain, but NOT INTO pain. (And there are several very good physiological reasons for that.) So I started doing trades with Eugene, and I respected and used Joel's NO Pain, MORE Gain approach. ... And it worked VERY well.

Now, I was applying those yoga principles to a Client's body from the OUTSIDE with my hands-on bodywork and, hopefully, they were engaging in mindful participation in the process.

Physical Yoga is (ideally) About Moving Your Mind Into Your Muscles,
Such that the Distinctions Between Them, Dissolve. ...

You can do the same with Hands-On Bodywork.

But unless it was a very localized problem (meaning the CAUSE of the pain or dysfunction was in the same place the problem was), I had no real certainty on a STRATEGY of WHERE to work and when. I found out that a lot of trained & certified neuromuscular therapists didn't know either. Some of them told me they had taken all the NMT or MFR seminars, but they were just doing "Poke & Hope." Just poke around in the muscle and hope it helped. They were taught by their NMT teachers to "just do the routines." ... That did NOT sit right with ME.

NMT = NeuroMuscular Therapy
MFR = MyoFascial Release

Yet I believed "One Size Fits NO One." ...
Or, One Routine Fits NO One!

I believed every Client should be treated as a unique individual, with individually tailored therapy sessions. I believed in No "Routines" for ME or my Clients, if possible. This contrasts with Rolfing, where everyone pretty much gets the same Ten Session Format with very little customization.

(There's a good story behind THAT!)

So I was taking seminars, trying to figure it all out, one of which was taught by two Rolfers® (Structural Integration developed by Ida P. Rolf) which is in some ways one of THE most highly trained groups in musculo-fascial therapists, maybe in the world. All weekend, they were showing us manual techniques, but no real individualized STRATEGY. Near the end of the workshop, I was getting nervous, and I asked "How do you KNOW where to work?" One of the instructors hesitated, and she said, "Well, you just sort of KNOW."

. . . R . I . G . H . T . ! ! !. . .

I was VERY unsatisfied, even frustrated with THAT answer. So I was still trying to figure it out. I was even thinking of moving to Boulder to go to Rolfing School.

Then, Daniel Blake came to Chicago to teach his therapy system called Structural Bodywork. The owners of the esteemed Chicago School of Massage Therapy persuaded me to take his program.

Daniel had been trained directly by Ida Rolf, certified by Ida Rolf, and kicked out of the Rolf Institute by Ida because Daniel was challenging some of her basic principles. For Example, Ida was one of the first, but eventually many others, were teaching that the FASCIA was the Primary Cause of postural distortions & various structural problems like scoliosis.

As I've mentioned, many also teach as if the fascia can be evaluated and treated separately from the muscle cells. That is almost not possible except in very limited ways.

Daniel made a very good case that muscles & fascia were functionally inseparable, and that pulls of the muscle cells were THE major cause of structural & postural distortions, rather than "shortened fascia." So I decided to take HIS program, saving me a lot of money and time NOT going to Boulder to the Rolf® Institute.

My Years Of Severe Back Pain

I learned from Daniel a basic formula of postural analysis that became a core element of my therapy system.

HOWEVER, during his program, in Spring of 1982, we students were doing trades on each other. When they worked on ME under Daniel's supervision, they had been working and releasing the WRONG MUSCLES in MY body. That triggered several old injuries from my racing motocross and heavy construction (ironworking) days in my teens. This resulted in SEVERE right lower back and hip pain lasting about 3 and half YEARS!

When it hit (I remember the moment, it was in Daniel's class) and it literally threw me on the floor. Which it continued to do on a frequent basis for the next three plus years. ...

It was SO bad, I could not even do yoga!
It would nearly paralyze me.

I of course kept looking, researching, studying & learning, both to help my Clients, and ME! (Carrying my massage table up stairs to a Client's home was a near disaster!

But I persisted, and got REALLY into high level anatomy, kinesiology, physiology & neurology. (Pain can be a real motivator!)

I also figured more things out while working with my Clients. For example, most systems, including Daniel's, were teaching that MOST people had excess forward tilt of the pelvis, and too much forward curve of their lumbar spine.

I kept using that principle, until I realized it just did NOT work very well for a LOT of people. I kept experimenting (and thinking), and finally realized & concluded that FAR MORE people had the exact opposite: they had a rearward tilt of the pelvis, and a LOSS of curve in the lumbar spine, with the lumbar spine pushing rearward, not forward.

When I started teaching THAT, I was told by some people I just had to be wrong. ... Now, it is VERY well known and proven concept. (I was not the ONLY one teaching this, but there were VERY few of us in those days.)

It is that kind of Myo-Structural Analysis I'll be teaching AFTER the first Mastering Muscles Masterclass.

The Full Story is probably too long for here, but when I finally figured out what to do about my back and hip, it took me four months of THREE HOURS of YOGA Per DAY before having a few pain free HOURS. And I then realized, FOR SURE, that Daniel's Structural Analysis Formula was correct. But he had misapplied it in MY particular case.

My injuries were multiple, and made things VERY complex. FEW people have had the complex patterns of distortion I had. Yet I had done so much yoga my posture LOOKED a lot better than it really was. ... It was sort of Fake It till you Break it, then Remake It.

Anyway, going through all this, I had been learning to Think & See Structurally (observing the positioning of the bones) rather than focusing on the superficial soft tissues or flesh. And in my years as a Structural Steel Ironworker Foreman I had developed an eye for "Seeing Structurally."

But I combined that structural analysis formula with the physical & mental yoga principles I had learned, and designed an asymmetrical, custom yoga process that avoided the mistakes I had been making when trying to do yoga. That being, stretching where the pain was. ...

... WRONG!!!

In my case, with my significant (but nearly hidden) scoliosis, the various pains were on the OPPOSITE sides of my body from where the causative muscles were.

So now that I understood the true situation, I was ONLY stretching the over-shortened muscles, which did not hurt much at all. I was NOT stretching where the pain was. ... NOW, I could do yoga without increasing the pain.

The Challenge in Myo-Structural Analysis is figuring out whether the cause of pain IS where the pain is, versus from some other part of the body. ... It's not always obvious.

So I was doing that process of three hours of yoga almost every day for more than three months. I remember EXACTLY where I was and what I was doing when I had my first few pain free hours in the fourth month. I had persisted because I KNEW I had come upon the right combination, and it was just a matter of time before I would begin improving.

Having FAITH in the physiological & anatomical principles was critical to staying with the process and not giving up prematurely.

AND, I suddenly knew my system of therapy was born. I originally called it PsychoMuscular Release & Structural Balancing. I now call it DSL Edgework.

I didn't have any one to work on me the way I worked, but much later realized that if I had been self-treating with massage tools, I could have sped the process up a LOT.

Yoga is GREAT, up to a point. But when you have severe trauma & injury, pressing into the belly of a muscle rather than stretching it is far more Effecticient (effective & efficient) until the body returns to more "normal" tension levels.

Then, yoga becomes far more effecticient.

But that insight came a little later in life. Just doing the yoga worked well enough, but it probably took a LOT longer. And I had to stick with my custom designed, a-symmetrical process.

I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David Scott Lynn is the only one educated & skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence that the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference.

~ Gary Fujinami
Doctor of Chiropractic
East-West Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center
Prescott, Arizona

SO … What’s The Solution to All This C.E.M.&.N.T. Stuff?

— DEEP, Radical Relaxation —

Over the Years, I came up with the phrase I mentioned near the beginning: C.E.M.&.N.T. or Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.

➣ Is It Possible … that the Remedy or Solution to Excess Tension & Stress is DEEP, “Radical Relaxation” of those Excess Tensions? …

And that the road back to pain free movement & great posture can be achieved WITHOUT Pain in Therapy and with non-complex therapeutic activities?

HOW Relaxed Does This Kitty Look to YOU?

➣ Is It Possible … that Radical Relaxation can, in many cases, be achieved with simple, LOW-Intensity, No Pain, Conscious Stretching (Physical / Mental Yoga), Self-Treatment with Massage Tools, and/or Treatment from a Partner? …

If you ARE a Muscle Therapist who treats neuro-muscular or myofascial modalities, can you become more of a Partner with your Clients? …

As in Participatory Medicine rather than spectator medicine?

I tell Clients that my main objective is to find the C.E.M.&.N.T., the "tight muscles," then help Clients to FEEL, Relax, Lengthen & Balance their muscles & fascia.

Yet at its best, FEELING is NOT, ideally, a "passive" thing. It is a neurologically ACTIVE process.

And I find that the more I communicate with them, and they with me, the better the therapy works. Which leads to ...

What Is Unique to DSL Edgework*?
What is different?

  • Formerly known as the DSL Method of Psycho-Muscular Release & Structural Balancing

DSL Edgework and it’s Primary Focus of Therapy is NOT primarily on “fixing” pain or dysfunction, nor all the various “Soft Tissue Issues“ happening in your or your Client or Patient's ( C/Ps ) BodyMind, causing so much trouble. Those positive results are, in many cases, inevitable BY-PRODUCTS of what we REALLY do …

While we WILL directly address specific musculoskeletal and other issues if you prefer, HERE is what we are REALLY focused on …

Ideally, when we work with a Client's muscles and fascia, or the skin over the muscles, we are NOT primarily focused on “treating” those tissues to “fix” or “repair” or “adjust” those tissues, or “break up” so-called adhesions or “scar tissue,” or other such alleged anomalies. We don’t even think “we” (the therapists) are relaxing your muscles for you … even if there are “hard knots” (“tight muscles”) or otherwise dysfunctional musculo-fascial tissues.

What we ARE doing is applying manual ( hands-on ) pressure or stretching to the various skin, muscle & fascial tissues and joints in a way that sends NERVE SIGNALS from the periphery of your Body into your Central Nervous System (CNS ) and up to the three Primary Levels of your Brain.

This begins to “RESET” your CNS and Brain, reducing or eliminating pain and dysfunction, bringing you back toward normal function.

YOUR BodyMind is making the changes to YOUR muscles, NOT your Therapist.

Your Therapist is working with your tissues in a way that sends the Right Signals into your central nerve system. But YOUR body and mind are making the actual changes. You are NOT just a passive recipient of therapy. You are, or can be, an Active Participant, a Co-Creator, of your therapy.

(YES, much of the positive results will happen whether you are paying attention or not. But it works better if you DO.)

Learning about and understanding this more “wholistic” and self-responsible approach to how your body works, how it breaks down, and how to repair problems, how to best relieve the “hard knots” or “tight muscles,” can be an invaluable source of knowledge for YOU, your Family and your Friends … or Your Clients.

AND, if you are a Health Care Practitioner, you will have an “Edge,” hopefully a Leading Edge, with Your prospects and Clients or Patients.

So, What Can "I" DO To Help YOU?

— My MISSION is to HELP THERAPISTS Learn How to BE An Expert in the healing of the psycho-neuro-musculo-fascial systems. The DSL Edgework system is designed primarily to work with people who've had long-term pains & dysfunction and NOT found any or sufficient relief from other modalities.

I will be putting some Case Studies up on my website, and there are a few there now. ...

For instance ...

  • Helping a carpenter to NOT have to go for a SECOND hip replacement on the SAME hip. (The metal appliance they had installed was breaking through the wall of his pelvis!)
  • Or NOT have to go for back (or other kinds of) surgery. (I've got quite a few of those.)
  • Or NOT have to go get their wrist tendons cut because of a finger that locks up (trigger finger).
  • Or NOT having to give up their careers as musicians because playing the violin, cello or viola caused them too much pain.
  • Or NOT having to get TWO major surgeries to (hopefully) straighten their SEVERE scoliosis.
  • Or NOT having to live in severe neck (or wherever) pain for 20 more years.

THAT was just a small sample.

Here is another Testimonial ...

David Scott Lynn is a man of profound integrated understanding in the field of bodywork. You will be blessed if you choose to work with him.

I suffered for decades with chronic neck and shoulder issues. I was able to manage my “condition” through weekly acupuncture, regular chiropractic, daily exercise, and massage. ... I had constant pain, but was able to function, most days. Periodically, I experienced acute pain which de-capacitated me for months. ... My condition was always with me and something I had to 'factor in' when making most of my life decisions.

David has a lifetime of study which he has incorporated into a systematic approach to restructuring and realigning the body. ... Since I am not a practitioner myself, I can not address the pros of his approach, other than to say — David is a “God Send.”

On a personal level, he is patient and steady in his approach. ... His prices are reasonable, which was also a “factor” for me. ... When someone is in chronic pain and wondering if anything will ever get them out of pain, David's “stick to it” nature is reassuring and encouraging. ... He is determined to do what he can to heal your body, and he is both knowledgeable and effective.

If you have a significant chronic condition, chances are you will need to be in treatment for a period of time. At least that was my story. However, getting to a place where you are no longer in chronic pain is almost assured with his approach.

David is understanding. David is kind. He keeps his word, and is ethical. Actually, he is kind of a “mad scientist” who has studied his whole life and integrated many healing modalities into a systemic approach to bodywork. He is a teacher in his field, and highly respected.

He is a gift to those who need a permanent solution to their bodily pain. ... I give him a Five Star rating. ... You could search a lifetime without finding someone of his caliber. ... He is a Gift.

~ Ellie Saunders
Sedona, Arizona

Learning Acute Care on the Polo Fields

In 1984-85, I got my self-taught "Acute Care" Training on the Polo Fields west of Chicago, treating polo players who got hurt on the field. (Polo is a VERY rough sport.) Using my basic principles & release technique in a more localized way usually reduced their injuries enough to get back on the polo field. ... Amusingly, the polo players who were doctors could never figure out how I did it without drugs or surgery. But they would not ask, either. ... BUT, it WORKED!

1985 — When It All Came Together

Several therapeutic "wins" occurred showing me I had something new & different than most therapists.

My Practice in Acapulco, Mexico
(However, I got shut down by the New Mexico City Earthquake after five months!)

My FIRST Time Straightening a Scoliosis in Chicago

[MORE on this coming soon]

By the late 1980s, my Clients & Students included three Presidents and a few Executive Board Members of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and several of the big massage schools in the country. ...

And Oh Yes, I never went to massage school until many years later, in 2016.

I first started teaching my Therapy System at Heartwood Institute in Northern California in 1989.

Here is another Testimonial ...

David is the best bodyworker ( bar none ) I have ever experienced. ...

The students in Heartwood’s approved Massage program felt that The DSL Method [now known as DSL Edgework] was the most valuable work in Heartwood’s massage curriculum. Many  students felt that David's work instilled a sense of competence in their ability to do massage & bodywork. It is an open ended system allowing and encouraging students to continually improve their work through active practitioner/client exchange. I have personally found that, based on feedback from clients, The DSL Method is on par with, if not superior to, the other major bodywork systems available today.

David is the best bodyworker (bar none) I have ever experienced.

~ Rex Dippre
Massage Therapist
Arcata, California
(Former Director of Admissions @ Heartwood Institute, 1989-1992)

David Scott Lynn doesn't just think outside of the box, he thinks outside of the planet. His creativity is only exceeded by his hard work and keen insight of Clients.

~ John Dyrek
Personal Trainer at Health In Action
Chicago, Illinois

With FORTY YEARS of Experience (actually more as I started teaching yoga in 1976), You might imagine I could go on and on telling you stories and showing you Testimonials.

You can see a LOT of stuff, including more Testimonials, on my primary website: https://davidscottlynn.com ...

There is also a lot of other material on my Yoga website: https://www.letgoyoga.com ...

However, those sites were close to dormant for several years while I was taking care of my Mom & Dad in their Elderly & Sick years. So the sites need some reorganizing and maintenance. But there is a LOT of useful information on them.

But Now, what, more specifically, can I DO to Help You?

MY MISSION is to help more people like YOU learn and develop more Mastery Over their BodyMind. And if a Therapist, to be a Leading Edge, Trusted Authority, and Acknowledged Expert, in your community.

SO … I have a Program for You…

Through my years of experience in clinical practice and taking over 100 seminars in bodywork, I have found The DSL Method to be the missing link toward a greater understanding of human physiology and chronic reflex pain patterns. I endorse and highly recommend taking a course in The DSL Method.

I Strongly Encourage and Highly Recommend all Current Massage Students and Licensed Massage Therapists to Take Advantage of This Unique Opportunity to Learn from One of the Best Educators I’ve had the Privilege of Learning From.

David, Will be Teaching Ground-Breaking Material to a Small Group of Eager Students who want to Become Part of an Elite Group of Massage and Bodywork Professionals.
~ Kyle Wright, L.M.T., N.C.T.M.B.
Wright Center of Advanced Bodywork
Advanced Schools of Bodywork
Asheville, North Carolina

I have been in the massage therapy business for over 10 years and an instructor of deep tissue manipulation for over 6 years. ... David’s principles, although easy to understand, are high impact when applied. His understanding of postural assessment and the mind-body connection is amazing. David’s ability to communicate his understanding has helped me to share information with my clients, allowing them to achieve outstanding results from our bodywork sessions.

Thank You David!  I look forward to more of your unique classes.
~ Mike Bass, LMT
South Carolina

Communication is everything!  Whether you are instructing a class or working one-on-one with a client. David has a natural ability to share his understanding in a manner that is to the point and easily understood, yet entertaining. The interactivity he encourages in his classes helps to solidify the information in your memory.

David’s approach to bodywork is respectful to the client and very effective. I have been able to move some of my clients beyond barriers they were facing by applying the principles I learned in his class. ... If you are ready to take a step beyond your current skill set, I highly recommend you consider one of David’s seminars.

Thanks David, for the deeper understanding of the body-mind connection and the increase in practical knowledge and application.
~ Kathy Hobgood, LMT
South Carolina

The School of Hard Knots
— A Masterclass on Muscles —


This is a FIRST TIME Pilot or Beta Program. I've taught most of this material back in the '90s as I traveled across the country doing workshops. But I've only taught some of it online. And it works a lot better if I have a good idea of "who is in the room." I want to make sure my programs meet the needs of the participants.

So I need YOUR help in developing it to be as relevant for as many people as possible. So I need INPUT, Suggestions, Feedback, from people like YOU who will help me co-create this Masterclass on Muscles (and Nerves & Fascia, too).

In the 1990s, I traveled much of the country training therapists in my form of neuro-musculo-fascial therapy (The DSL Method, which I developed beginning in the late 1980s.). I received much excellent feedback on my teaching.

Yet I believe Educated Clients get MUCH better results with their Therapists, and Therapists help more people with more problems when they have more fundamental, medically-based knowledge & INSIGHT into how their body really works.

With 18 years experience in  the health care professions, I appreciate soundly re-searched & scientifically based approaches to rehabilitation. The DSL Method of BodyWork has expanded and refined my understanding and applications for achieving postural correctness and pain relief in less time. David has a unique way of reiterating known fundamental laws, redefining erroneous concepts, and instructing the participants through a successful treatment program.

~ Al Cujas • Physical Therapist, A.T.C., N.M.T.
Former Instructor for the St. John NMT Seminar System
Winston Salem, North Carolina

David is doing cutting edge work in the field of bodywork, and it would take 3 or 4 teachers to replace what he knows.

~ Tracy Hall • Physical Therapist
Chico, California

What They Did Not Have Time To
Teach Us In Massage Therapy School

Though I’ve been in private practice since 1981, and did not go to massage school back then, I went through a highly rated, very therapeutically oriented, 750-hour massage school training in 2016. (I did so to get a massage license in Arizona, where NONE of my extensive past experience counted for anything!)

Frankly, I was APPALLED at how much they did NOT teach us. Things I thought were very basic. … So I’m working to DO something about THAT problem!

YET … while I have a pretty good idea of what I want to teach (you can see my tentative outline below) it’s FAR more important I address and include the direct needs of the people who take the program. … YOU can help me do that.

NOTE: When I was developing my system of therapy way back in the 1980s, I kept hearing from people what their complaints were about their Therapists or Doctors. One of my main objectives was and is to rectify some of those complaints.

As an Experiment, I am offering the same program to the General Public as I am to Therapists, Trainers & Physicians. When I was traveling the country, teaching to groups of therapists AND consumers, I had a reputation for distilling down complex, physiological “stuff” to simpleyet NOT “dumbed down” — concepts any reasonably intelligent and motivated person could understand. …

I ALSO believe Therapists & Physicians need to hear what Clients & Patients are thinking, feeling & saying, to be able to better help them. AND vice versa. …

So, I believe this “experiment” of bringing Therapists & Clients together in a program can help “bridge the gaps” between Health Care Practitioners and The People They SERVE.

Anyway, I’m offering this Pilot or Beta Program, the Masterclass on Muscles, at a ridiculously low price if you’ll participate in the Co-Creation of the Masterclass.

NOTE: Again, at this time, this is a Pilot or Beta Program for the School of Hard Knots. One thing we’ll be testing is if there are enough people in each of the above categories to merit creating specifically targeted and expanded programs for any or all specific groups. … If that happens, YOU will have Repeat Access to the new, expanded program of your choice.

The DSL Edgework MASTER CLASS on the
Psycho*-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint System:


This webpage is getting very long, so here, on a page on my Primary Website, is the tentative CONTENT what I'll be teaching within the program yet ENHANCED by your Feedback & Questions you generate in the Personal Calls and Weekly Group Conversations:


There is a LOT of material on that site. But PLEASE don't forget to come back here!

This program will take about six weeks to deliver. One installment per week on (most likely) a Zoom Call. ... The Group program will start when I have at least six people enrolled. Before then, anyone who signs up, I will work with one-on-one till there are six or more people ready to go.

If for some reason I do NOT get many enrollments, I'll work with you for WAY more hours than is reasonable.

This is NOT primarily a Technique class. While I will show you a few things about how to work on or with muscles, both on yourself and on others, this is a Deep Information, Perspective & Insight Course. The School of Hard Knots is designed to give you foundational knowledge & INSIGHT applying to ALL modalities, ALL techniques you might engage with having to do with muscles, fascia, joints, and in many cases, your nerves. …

And Very Frequently, a wide variety of physical, and sometimes psychological, problems emanate from the stresses, strains & tensions in the muscles.

This Course is designed to help you implement any of all of those techniques, activities, therapies, or modalities more “effecticiently” (effectively & efficiently). …

We WILL soon be offering “technique” classes, such as "Myo-Structural Analysis & Balancing," or “DE-Constructing Yoga from the Inside Out” or “Basic Practices of Bodywork,” and “How To Use Self-Massage Tools.”

If you have a partner we will have online courses on how to work with each other using hands-on therapy. (You do NOT need to go to massage school to learn this stuff. )

Yet if you know the fundamentals, the basics of how it all works, you will get FAR more out of the Technique Programs. You will be able to figure out a LOT of stuff on your own.

For now, we will assume you know some yoga or stretching, or know some self-care techniques, or visit a massage, bodywork, or other healthcare practitioners. Or that you are willing do so.

And, as this Pilot / Beta Program gets going, I will provide Bonus Materials showing you my Basic Stretches and Self Care with Massage Tools.

Awareness & Thinking Working Together

There is a meditative / mindful component to everything in DSL Edgework. Yet we are NOT very “mystically” inclined, being more focused on our physical / mental, IN the World Reality. Yet we believe we are very Conscious in our approaches. Just not "Other World" Conscious.

This Pilot Program has an Introductory Session, and FIVE Video Classes. Then, we’ll have a Wrap Up & Final Q&A Session. So there are seven installments. I'l provide the bonus material as the need arises during the program.


For the first TWELVE People who sign up, based on the idea of a Pilot or Beta program, You will be Co-Creating this program with me. You will have a significantly reduced price, and personal, one-on-one access to me. And you’ll have the satisfaction of helping the Program have FAR more value for future students.

And you'll be helping me work the bugs out of the system, for which I will be Eternally Grateful! ... ( I don't know how long "Eternity" is. All I know is it's a LONG time! )

While I have a Plan for the Content (described above), your input could modify the course a little or a lot, depending on how engaged you get in the process.

I will, for the first TWELVE People who sign up, BEFORE I finalize Video #1, have a 1-Hour, personal phone or video Educational Consultation with EACH person, where You can tell me your interests or needs, questions or suggestions, any problems you are facing, influencing what should be included in this program. My intention is to have those calls improve at least something in your life and/or work. Or set us on a path to do so.

This way, I can produce the first video to, as much and best as possible, include the feedback & questions I get from You and the other Participants. …

The First 12 People will ALSO have two more calls! The SECOND call will be sometime during the five-week period, at your convenience, or when you have something to say. The THIRD call will be after the program is complete. THERE, you’ll let me know what you got out of the program, how I could improve it, and what to change.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do NOT want to have any phone calls with me, Please Let Me Know when you Sign Up. I will then give your calls to the next person in line who signs up.

I’ll send out the FIRST Video within the first week after the first phone calls, which you can watch at your convenience. We will then, probably Wednesday Evenings (depending on feedback from the first 12 participants), have an Online Conference Call every week where we will all discuss the video of the week and answer any questions you have. I will stay online till everyone’s questions are answered. (I’m VERY used to working late into the night!) …

HOWEVER, IF you ask a question I will be covering in a future video, I will let you know that question WILL be answered in another Video Lesson. …

IF you ask a question that is outside the scope of the course, I will probably be able to answer it, as long as it is not too widely focused and can be discussed in a reasonable period of time.

But if a lot of people cannot agree on a convenient date & time, I’ll schedule a second weekly call to accommodate as many people as possible.

The SECOND TWELVE People will get ONE phone call from me, at whatever point they feel they have something to say or ask.

The CALLS will be Recorded and available to you anytime after they are published.

ALL participants will also have personal & private access to my eMail Coaching software, and You can put Questions or Suggestions in that way. (I will have SOME limits on that, as some people seem to want me to write a whole book each time they send me very wide-ranging questions! … So I’ll request you focus on one or two narrowly focused issues per eMail. And I’ll probably have some kind of limit on how many words you can write, just to help keep it concise.)

I will then produce the next four videos, one per week, of the Five Lesson Sessions described above, releasing them one Lesson per week. Actually, there will be SIX videos, including the INTRODUCTORY Video. (I will release the Intro Video BEFORE the program starts, so it will, technically, be a FREE Lesson.) Then a week later, we’ll have the BONUS Wrap-Up & Q&A Call.

As much as possible, the videos will reflect my Phone and eMail conversations with everyone, You included.

So hopefully You’ll JOIN me in the School of Hard Knots and help me create, improve, and fine-tune the program.


As far as price goes, normally, I've been charging $150 for a 90-Minute Therapy Session, $270 for a 3-Hour Therapy Session. (That's a lot lower than my competition, but I'm more focused on more people getting therapy than I am on making Top Dollar.)

As you'll see on the pricing block on the right sidebar at top, You are going to be getting a LOT more time from me than 90-minutes or 3-hours. As I sit here typing, I'm thinking I'm being unreasonably generous here, but, I don't want you to have any reasons to NOT take the program!

Videos & eMail Contact Only — $144
Videos & eMail + Phone or Video Educational Consultations — $233

When this Pilot Program is complete, Pricing will probably (approximately) Double, and Educational Consultations will probably be in the neighborhood of $100 each.

If You do Sign Up, because this is a Pilot Program, and it is the first time I've done this, PLEASE EXPECT some e-GLITCHES!!! ... But that is one reason I'm not charging much money at this time.

As soon as I have SIX PEOPLE signed up, I will start the Wednesday Night ZOOM Calls the following week. However I will get the initial material out to you in the first few days after you Sign Up. ...

Thank You Very Much!
David Scott Lynn

Here's One More ...

September 10, 2018

I have known David Scott Lynn for 30 years when I was completing my medical school clerkships in Chicago, Illinois at the Michael Reese Hospital and the Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn in 1988. It seems like yesterday when we met as brothers in the fight to bring meaning to the term “health care.” We saw the road ahead with the same eyes and were of one mind with respect to the substance and altruistic goals ahead.

If I were to seek out one person with whom I would choose to work in pursuit of true health care, it would be David Scott Lynn. He is an extremely focused and talented individual who has dedicated himself to helping others, sometimes sacrificing his own welfare to achieve the goal in the care plan no matter the person or circumstances. He would always be there to contribute and create the plan to facilitate the desired outcome. He would work tirelessly and carry on in the most difficult of times.

David works well as a team member or individual, whatever the environment requires. He is not resistant to hard work and cares deeply about others especially fellow therapists with whom he has a special insight and understanding. David has good business sense.

I know David to have lectured and instructed all over the country from the east to the west coasts in order to bring his unique brand of massage therapy, the DSL Method, to practitioners, therapists, schools, clinics and private clients with amazing effects and life-changing results.

I, therefore, take pleasure and consider it a great honor and privilege to recommend David Scott Lynn at the highest level without reservation.

Should you require any further insight, do not hesitate to contact me.

David J. Ogle, MD, CTTH

Dr. David J. Ogle
Metabolic / Nutritional MD, CTTH

Semi-Retired • Gresham, OR

Thank You Very Much for Reading!
Take Care,
David Scott Lynn (DSL)

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Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System

I want this!

Five Video Lessons on High-Level Musculo-Fascial Anatomy & Physiology, Five Group Calls, eMail Access. First 24 Participants will have Telephone Access to DSL

In-Depth Knowledge & Insights into Providing Superior Therapy
Get on a Path to Becoming an Acknowledged Expert on Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Therapy
Have Better Insight in Developing Myo-Structural Treatment Strategies
Better Results for Your Clients / Patients
Provide Deeper, Longer Lasting, "Radical Relaxation" & Release of Stress & Tension
Clients with Long-term, Complex Problems, are Far Happier with Results
PREPARATION for DSL's Technique Coursework
Go NEXT LEVEL on Elevating Your Therapy Practice to Higher Insights & Skills
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