Homo-Narcissus-Degener-US — Who are *They*?

The Political & Ruling Classes

Psycho-Political Power Is Coming To GET You (and ME too),
— If It Hasn’t Already —

Why Radical DE-Centralization versus Centralization / Consolidation
is a CRITICAL Topic of FREEDOM in Today’s World

There really ARE people who want to Rule The World, and they want to CONTROL the People and Resources of the World as well. And not just SOME of the People and Resources, ALL of them.

These people are Modern Day Malthusians. Sine the late 1700s, Malthus' predic-tions about world-wide catastrophe repeatedly fail to happen. But whether *They* actually believe it or not, they have written and spoken extensively on the idea that to "Save the Planet" they need to get everything onto a computerized, electronic grid with which they can monitor and control EVERYTHING. That way they can ration resources to whomever they want to, to whomever they think "deserves" the resources, according to THEIR standards.

This level of control is already well under way in Communist China. And China is considered by many Western NON-free-market, crony-corporatists to be THE model society of the very near future. They like communism because it gives them ore control of everything.

Many of these people are SOCIOPATHS — and some are PSYCHOPATHS — who have little or NO empathy for other human beings, and think nothing of reducing population on Earth by a few or more billion people. Many of them have stated this openly and repeatedly in their speaking and writings.

They will use things like Climate Change and COVID-19 (which I call ConVid-19[84] as in GeorgeOrwell's book, 1984) to scare We The People into going along with even more irrational restrictions, lockdowns, rationing, etc.

They rely on the fact that most people will not go and look at the actual science of, for example, climate change and covid, and will just believe what the already highly corrupt government agencies tell them. They will not tell you the world needs A LOT MORE carbon dioxide (CO2), not less. They will not tell you we had the documenta-tion that COVID was designed as a Bio-Weapon, and we had it two YEARS ago! And anyone could access it if they watched the right NON-"main-stream" media channels.

We The People who are willing to study and learn that what They are telling us is mostly lies or extreme exaggerations need to get sufficiently knowledgeable to let our friends, family and anyone else who will listen what is REALLY going on out there. We need to find ways to shut them down. Otherwise, the Deep State, the Power Elite, the Transhuman-Technocrat-Globalists will launch more attacks on We The People.

by David Scott Lynn (DSL)

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Homo-Narcissus-Degener-US — Who are *They*?

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